A Travel Guide to Myanmar for People Travelling There For the First Time

Myanmar has grown a lot in terms of politics and being a tourist destination. It is not easy getting information about Myanmar once you are inside but there is a way in which you can get the necessary information that will enable you to go travel in Myanmar without hitches. As you are leaving Yangon's airport which is located in Yangon, the capital of Myanmar, you get an idea of how the country is. Learn more about; Myanmar Holidays . The country is quiet and has nice looking lakes and parks that have shade with tropical trees. The cars in Myanmar, though left-handed, are driven on the right side of the road. Most people there chew betel leaves which have caused them to have having gums and lips that have red stains. No one is allowed to ride motorbikes in Yangon. Also, not many people understand or speak English.

The most common means of transport that is used for travelling to most of the tourist destinations are buses and you can get bus stations located out of the town. For you to get to these bus stations you need to hire a cab. For you to get placing in the buses, it is advisable for you to book for a ticket early enough because they are usually full. There are some travel agents that help people in booking for tickets in the buses. Learn about;
Yangon Tours . One of the places that you should make a point of visiting is the Inle Lake which is located in Shan State. Its location provides a serene environment with it being in the mountains. You should also ensure that you visit Bagan which is located on the banks of River Ayeyawaddy. It has a lot of things that you can explore including ancient temples and sandy lanes. You can also visit Ngapali Beach which has white sands and coconut trees which are a beautiful site to view.

Accommodation in Myanmar can be afforded by most people although the prices are on the rise. The life there is not expensive and purchasing food and drinks is cheap. You can spend the whole day in Myanmar with thirty US dollars and have fun. You can however get some more expensive destinations such as Ngapali Beach depending on your preferences. In January and February, you should ensure that you make your bookings early because they are the peak seasons. The other months have fewer people visiting which can ensure that you avoid congestion.